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Product Features

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Why Varibill

Varibill allows you to focus on your business and how you can grow it.

Varibill allows you to bill according to your clients’ usage, accurately, easily, on time, every time.

Varibill allows you to automatically collect data from your heterogeneous systems which eliminates the time consuming, error prone and manual process of invoicing.

Varibill automates the collection of your billing records to enable you to focus on what you’re good at, taking your business to even greater heights. It empowers you to roll out new products and services as fast as your market demands it. View our Source Collectors


Varibill is available as a locally installed application or as Cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution with minimal system requirements.

Varibill is easy to use, low maintenance and supports virtually every variable billing scenario.

The thrilling rate of change in the ICT industry is a given. Yet, sometimes finance teams aren’t able to move fast enough to keep up with iterations in product and service delivery. Let Varibill make your company flexible. Varibill integrates with your core systems, letting you manage thousands of orders on complex, differentiated price plans.

Product Features

Discover great features

Varibill Feautres

  • Collect billing data from heterogeneous systems. View our Source Collectors
  • Bill according to usage or a fixed fee per month.
  • Bill according to various units of measure.
  • Integrate with your accounting system.
  • Professional and customisable invoices.
  • Allow your clients to drill down into the detail through interactive invoices.
  • Access billing information anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage unlimited products, centrally.
  • Provide flexible pricing and discounts.
  • Manage contracts effectively and efficiently.
  • Access to accurate, detailed reports as well as built-in charts.
  • Measure sales performance.
  • Setup various billing cycles.


Discover the advantages that Varibill can have for your business.

Varibill Advantages

  • Grow a scalable business with a billing system that suits your business model.
  • Eliminate time consuming, error prone and manual invoice processing.
  • Invoice for anything, anytime.
  • Collect your billing data from various sources.
  • Invoice your clients for a mid-cycle upgrade / downgrade.
  • Instantly update your accounting system when invoices are generated.
  • No need to second guess totals when calculations are done automatically.
  • Send environmentally friendly, electronic and branded invoices to your clients.
  • Your invoices always look professional and consistent.
  • Avoid client disputes by allowing clients to drill down into the detail of line items.
  • Securely store billing information to which only YOU have access.



Varibill allows you to effortlessly export all / selected information.


Varibill provides a flexible search tool that enables you to search for any keyword in any field.


Varibill offers basic reporting capabilities, ensuring you have the information you need to manage your business effectively. You can also make use of any reporting / BI tool to seamlessly access your data as regularly as it is required.


Varibill is a role based system that gives you the ability to create various roles that suit your needs. Various permission levels have been defined (create, read, edit, delete), giving you maximum flexibility. Users can be given access to only the features and information they need.


Varibill is strictly designed and developed in accordance with ISO, Cobit, ITIL and POPI. We have the papers to prove it.



Accounting System Integration

Varibill makes integration with any accounting system simple. Whether you make use of Sage 300 (previously Accpac), Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution, Quickbooks, Omni Accounts, Palladium, SAP, Netsuite, you name it, we’ll integrate with it.

Other External Systems

Varibill enables you to easily import billing data manually or automatically into Varibill. If the manual import process becomes too cumbersome, Varibill allows you to integrate with your source systems via “source collectors” to automatically collect billing data from any piece of software or hardware. It’s as simple as plugging into our Source Collector API. Should you not have access to developers, we will gladly assist with this once-off integration (at a fee of course).

The benefits of automated Varibill Source Collectors include, but are not limited to:

• Routine scheduled billing data import.
• Reduced time and effort spent on collecting billing data manually.
• Reduced errors and risk of incorrect billing due to human intervention.
• Ability to import increased volumes of billing data.
• Assurance that all billing data is imported accurately into Varibill.

Some of the sources from which we currently collect data:

  • DNN
  • HP StoreOnce
  • J2 Global LiveVault
  • Juniper MX Routers
  • MailStore
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange
  • Microsoft HyperV
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PortaOne
  • RapidRecovery
  • ShoreTel
  • Syncrify
  • Veeam
  • Mweb CDR’s
  • Vodacom South Africa Geneva CDR’s
  • Zerto

View the complete Source Collector list.


VOIP / Telecommunication (Telecomms)

Varibill allows you to import your CDR’s (Call data records) or collect call records straight from the telecommunications equipment to produce professional, branded, itemised bills for your clients.


Whether it be Fibre (FTTH, FTTB), ADSL or Wireless internet, Varibill allows ISP’s, WISP’s and connectivity VAR’s to bill subscribers per traffic volume, per connection time, set monthly fees as well as dynamic bandwidth shaping. Varibill integrates directly with various networking equipment, such as routers, firewalls, network access servers, etc. to automatically collect billing information continuously.

IT Solutions

Providing ICT services is getting more and more complex and consumers want to pay for what they’ve used - one-size pricing won’t fit all your customers or the ever-expanding list of services you offer. Bill for hosted solutions (Hosted exchange, email branding, email archiving, online backups, DR as a service, etc.), cloud solutions, SaaS, IT support, etc. all on one professional, branded and itemised bill. Varibill integrates directly with your source equipment, to collect usage information to enable you to accurately generate bills for your clients.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT) is becoming an essential component of the global economy and opening up a world of new ubiquity-based products and services in our homes, cars and daily lives. Varibill will enable you to monetize from Internet of Things by allowing you to be agile and flexible. Varibill will enable you to bill for sensors, machines, devices, you name it. As long as the hardware has an interface, Varibill can automatically collect usage information directly from these devices to enable you to produce a professional, branded, itemised bill for your client’s usage.

Is Varibill the right fit for your business?

Are you billing for products or services on a recurring basis?

Is your client’s usage for these products or services variable or fixed?

Is your pricing on-demand, period-specific, client-specific or even contract-specific?

Are you billing for bursts of usage?

Want to charge per unit used instead of a fixed rate per month?

Want to bill for mid-term upgrades, down-grades, add-ons, renewals or cancellations?

Do you have a multitude of hardware and software on which you provision products or services to your client, but have no way to use this for billing purposes?

Pricing Options

A percentage of invoice revenue value will be billed. Billing is based on the absolute value of invoices for all invoices aged 28 days. Credit notes are free of charge.

  • R250.00 / month
    + 0.5% of revenue
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Manual Data Import
  • Source Data Collection
  • Fixed Recurring Billing
  • Variable Recurring Billing
  • Reports
  • Hosted
  • End User Support
  • Account Management
  • Enquire

  • SME
  • R3 135.12 / month
    + 0.5% of revenue
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Manual Data Import
  • Source Data Collection
  • Fixed Recurring Billing
  • Variable Recurring Billing
  • Reports
  • Hosted
  • End User Support
  • Account Management
  • Enquire

  • R14 500.00 / month
    + 0.5% of revenue
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Manual Data Import
  • Source Data Collection
  • Fixed Recurring Billing
  • Variable Recurring Billing
  • Reports
  • Hosted
  • End User Support
  • Account Management
  • Enquire

How Do We Charge You?

• A percentage of invoice revenue value will be billed.
• Billing is based on the absolute value of invoices for all invoices aged 28 days.
• Credit notes are free of charge.

Add-on Services

  • Software Installation & Configuration
  • Included

  • Source Collectors

  • R6 423.92

  • End-user Training

  • R1 385.80
    Per Delegate

  • Varibill Account Setup
    (Data Take On)
  • R24 300.00
    1 - 100 Debtors
  • R41 400.00
    101 - 250 Debtors
  • R65 700.00
    251 - 500 Debtors
  • Custom Quote
    501+ Debtors

*Any debtor for whom an invoice, credit note, statement or payment were processed.

Support Packages & Services

Varibill has various methods through which we support our clients.
Our office hours: Monday – Friday (Excluding Public Holidays) 07:00 – 16:00 (SAST).

Support Packages Services
Essential (Included in License Fee) Business Billing as a Service*
What's Included:
  • Knowledgebase
  • Community forum.
What's Included:
  • Essential support.
  • Maintenance of Source Collectors developed by Varibill.
  • Advisory services.
What's Included:
  • Business support.
  • Varibill account management (create, read, update and delete of data).
  • Export and import of data in your Varibill account.
  • The analysis, take-on and validation of data from external sources that needs to be imported into your Varibill account.
  • Perform billing validation and invoice processing on your behalf.
  • Post invoices to the accounting system on your behalf.
  • Email invoices to clients on your behalf.

* Billing as a Service

With Varibill BaaS your invoicing process is operated and maintained by Varibill offering a turnkey solution to your entire billing process.

What are the benefits:

  • Reduce the large upfront CAPEX investment traditionally required with on-site billing systems and resources.
  • Reduce the reliance on in-house expertise required to maintain the life-cycle of the billing process.
  • Better focus on your core business, resulting in improved products and services; and better client life cycle management.

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