Referral Partners

Referral partners introduce Varibill to companies that are searching for variable billing software. The Referral Partner Program is easy, flexible and free to join. If you have a strong presence among companies who wish to or currently bill on a variable usage-based principle, then the Varibill Referral Partner program is a great way for you to generate additional income.

How does it work?

  1. Sign a Referral Agreement with Varibill.
  2. Submit qualified leads to Varibill using the Varibill Lead Form (VLF).
  3. Setup an introductory meeting between the prospective client and Varibill. Varibill will perform a demo to the prospective client.
  4. Should the prospective client be interested in a proposal / agreement, Varibill will sort out the paperwork.

Commissionable Products:

Varibill License fee

Interested in becoming a Referral Partner?

Contact for more information.

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